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International Skeet – Olympic International Shooting

SkeetField Loch Raven Skeet and Trap Center now offers Inernational Olympic Style Skeet Shooting. It is available on field #6 by request. The decision on whether the field can be converted over at any given time is determined by the club manager. You can request this at the front desk.

LRSTC has the only, open International Skeet field in Maryland. The official sanctioning body for Olympic International shooting and record keeping is USA Shooting. Membership is $40/yr. A good novice score is 65/100. Shoot in the high 90's and expect to be recruited for the Olympics. Even the best in the world rarely scores 100%.

How is International Skeet different from Amartican Skeet?

Targets are about 30% faster. Targets should hit 72 yard, "striped" marker poles.
The game is low gun with the stock toe touching waist at elbow level.
All easy incoming targets are eliminated.
Random delayed pulling, 0 – 3 seconds.
There is no "first miss" option shot or established "first bird dead" on doubles.
Max: 7/8 oz. of shot usually at 1,350 f/sec.

Shooting Sequence

1High single, then doubles
2High single, then doubles
3High single, then doubles
4High single, Low Single
5Low single, then doubles
6Low single, then doubles
7Doubles only
4High doubles, Low doubles
8High single, Low Single — shooter stays on station for both shots

What is Modified International Skeet?

Modified International SKeet is the same as Olympic Style except that the target speed is reduced to American skeet speed and up to 1 1/8 oz. loads are acceptable. This allows it to be shot on any of our skeet fields at any time using the shooting sequence above.

At home practice:

Please insure that your gun is unloaded.

In low-gun stance, point barrel bead on a ceiling corner that will replicate the height of a normal target. Slowly lift and mount the stock while keeping the bead on the corner spot. Gripping the stock tightly will cause the bead to move off target – be gentle. Increase speed as skill improves. Then practice lift and swing mount while keeping bead along the ceiling/wall line. Start very slowly and increase speed with success. Use a gentle stock grip. Expect arms to get tired very quickly.